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At, we are passionate about technology and even more passionate about earning the trust of our customers.

Few things signal the dawn of a new era like the revolution that Canon Shop heralded into Pakistan couple of years ago. Founded the company that went on to transform the consumer online landscape in Pakistan and grew into what we are today – a formidable corporate.

Guided by our founder’s philosophy and defined by our varied portfolio, unique strengths and skills, we have grown from strength to strength over the last four decades. Through strategic diversification, we aim to create a future where everyone has access to the best that the world can offer.

We believe in the significance of long-term partnerships – precisely why our brands, customers, associates and employees have been our long-standing allies and will remain with us in our march towards a bigger and brighter tomorrow.

Being an e-commerce trader, the Canon Shop Online Portal has become one of the largest online channels providing a seamless online shopping experience.

Our evolution is rooted in the steady and significant growth that Canon Shop has seen online over the past several decades. For a long time, Canon Shop Online is the most trusted online store in Pakistan with experience of e-commerce merchant. This concept offers better experience and customized presentation of the latest technology products and services with online as well as offline.

Canon Shop Pakistan online offers the best in electronics, appliances, cameras, gaming, lifestyle products and accessories. As a strategic partner for high end premium brands, Canon Shop online Pakistan manages home appliances too. It also operates canon social media. Canon Shop offers after-sales service from Canon official service center in the Pakistan and on call support as well as smart services from Canon Shop team. We also offer other value-added services such as special offers coupons.

Canon Shop Online to be the pioneer ecommerce trader in the region.

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